What makes Peach Personal Trainers so special?

You will not find any of the exercises that we do on YouTube. All our trainers have a minimum of three to five years’ practical experience and a multitude of extra qualifications in addition to your standard PT level 2 or 3 course. Our founder Tim Hayes hand picks every trainer based on commitment to further education, personality and attitude as well as experience.

What is Peach’s price point?

Our PTs range in price from £65 per hour to £120 depending on years of experience and education - although you can be sure even our base level trainers will exceed expectations.

Does Peach offer nutritional plans as well?

Whilst our personal trainers can offer some basic dietary pointers and plans, we also have a network of specialist nutritionists at our fingertips, so if you have more specific needs, please drop us an email.

I’m new to exercise, is Peach suitable for me?

Absolutely - we pride ourselves in our team of friendly and approachable movement experts. If you’re new to exercise, we would highly recommend training with us as our trainers are quality vetted and can make sure you don’t obtain any injuries.

Do I need a gym membership to train with Peach?

Absolutely not - if you prefer a gym environment it’s possible to train in the establishments where some of our PTs are based, although we’re just as happy to train you outside in a park or at home.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you know that you will not be able to attend a booked Session, you must let your trainer know 24hrs in advance. Sessions that you miss must be caught up within the same month, subject to your and the trainer’s availability. You will not be refunded or credited for missed Sessions unless otherwise agreed by Peach and only in exceptional circumstances.
If your trainer needs to cancel your booking for any reason, they will be solely responsible for rescheduling the missed Session with you. If the missed Session cannot be caught up by the trainer, you will be credited for that Session in the following month.

How long are my sessions valid for?

Pre purchased sessions are valid for one year. You will not be credited, refunded or able to “roll over” any missed sessions after this period.

Can I reassign sessions to a different trainer?

Pre purchased sessions with specific trainers have to be carried out by that trainer only. You may organise separate sessions with multiple Peach trainers to suit your needs, but you cannot reassign sessions between them.