Rehabilitation is where Ollie’s particular passions and skills lie. Whether you’ve a niggling issue, a long-term injury or even a medical condition that hinders your movement and mobility, Ollie promises improvement. The joker of the pack, he infuses his workouts with fun, laughter and enthusiasm. From 18 to 80, Ollie makes friendship and trust a cornerstone of his client relationships. He says there’s no feeling in fitness better than watching you achieve what they didn’t think possible. We couldn’t agree more.


Adam, former ruby professional (England Rugby Union, England Rugby League academy, London Wasps and Broncos Rugby League), is an enthusiastic, engaging and motivating fitness professional with a fun, friendly and caring nature.

He studied at St Mary’s University and graduated with a Sports Science and Strength Conditioning degree. During which he worked as an academy and second team strength and conditioning coach for Harlequins Rugby League.

The greatest satisfaction for him is enhancing the health and wellbeing of his clients and empowering them to evolve into a better version of themselves.



Whether you’re looking to trim down or muscle up, Andy Hall can (and will) deliver you there. “And my clients end up feeling better all-around,” he says. Indeed ‘better all-round’ is Andy’s mantra. A guru in mobility training, Andy has over a decade of knowledge and experience working with professional footballers and sprinters to fine-tune performance. That expertise in body movement also makes Andy one of the leading trainers in injury rehabilitation, specialising in elderly clients or those looking to train through a strain.

Francesca S

Mum’s the word! Francesca brings a unique pre and post natal fitness specialism to Peach. She can help Mums maintain or regain their bodies, with an absolute focus on working out safely and steadily. With over 11 years experience in offering diverse, client-specific workouts to new and expectant mothers, you can be sure you’re in expert hands.


Victor is one of our most experienced PTs with 16 years practical coaching, backed by a post graduate degree in Sports and Exercise Science. He’s recently trained one client to complete their first marathon at 48. So it’s no surprise that many of his clients are more mature and looking to improve daily function, fitness and mobility before they near an active retirement. Younger clients approach Victor for his solid sporting background in football, rugby and track athletics.


Simon’s journey to fitness professional started as a badminton player, leading to a career as a coach. That coaching background makes Simon the perfect mentor for those aiming to level up, whatever your sporting field. Functionality is at the core of Simon’s training style. So if you’re not an athlete, but just looking to increase flexibility and form, get on the Green team.

Simon understands the importance of the Peach ethos of selecting the PT with the qualified expertise you need. “Anyone can show you exercises. Not everyone can tailor exercises to suit your individual needs.”



Anna is driven by real results with a fad-free focus. Her sporting-background gives Anna a true competitive edge. Choose her to make your goals, her goal. Anna builds close, trusting relationships with her clients and trust us, you want her on your team. She says: “I love feeling strong and I want you to feel the same way.” Expect strength building workouts which incorporate yoga and flexibility brought to you at home, in the workplace or the outdoors. Let’s take this outside.


Following an international footballing career with the Ugandan national youth squad and in the Kenyan Premier League, Joel made a career in the top flight of fitness his next goal. He’s been training clients in the UK for five years, specialising in conditioning and high intensity weight lifting. Joel likes to push himself to the edge, and you can guarantee he’ll push you too. If you want to build muscle, speed or just get back to giving your kids the runaround in the garden, Joel is your star player. “It’s not about me or you, it’s about us.” We want to be on Joel’s team.


Henrique practices movement as a therapy to help you overcome a pain or performance hurdle. He works with top executives coming out of complicated injuries or surgery that want to get back to their full abilities. They end up training with him for the long run as they realise the impact it has on their performance, resilience and longevity.


Movement specialist Jem will take you from from fragile to agile, by improving your range of motion and mobility. His clients include seasoned athletes looking to regain flexibility and complete beginners taking tentative first steps into the gym. Expect diverse workouts that pack a hit with boxing and mixed martial arts integrated into your training. Nothing knocks out stress like a round on the punch pads.

Francesca M

You’re in safe hands with fearless Francesca. Not just a trainer, but a biomedical graduate, her understanding of movement is unrivalled. If you’re looking for fast-paced workout that breaks outside of the squats and protein shakes routine, meet your new PT. Never one to settle for the norm, Francesca will elevate your workout and novel movements to keep you and your body guessing. Francesca claims she always enjoys taking on new challenges. Let your fitness be her next one.


For those looking to return to fitness, get back in the saddle with Amram. This former professional cyclist and running coach promises a functional, technique based workout. With 8 years experience training tennis, golf and running athletes, Amram can also take your swing or stride up a gear. Sufferers of long term conditions ranging from back issues to fibromyalgia will also find a patient and skilled trainer in this Catalan coach.


Warning. Jay will try to distract you. Not from your workout regime, but from the fact that you’re working out at all. This former ice-hockey player puts the fun into functional training. We should say to expect the unexpected, but you can at least be guaranteed a high-energy, task-driven workout that’s continually creative and using the most innovative techniques. If you’re bored of your normal routine or find motivation a struggle, you’ve found your new PT.


Small town boy Alex brings big time results to London exclusively for Peach. With a rugby background, Alex lines out a range of bodyweight training for his clients. He describes his unique PT style as strength training with a twist. That twist being a promise to have you “moving in positions you didn’t know you could.” Whether you’re looking to incinerate body fat or expertise in high-energy functional movement, Alex won’t just change your body, he’ll change your whole attitude to fitness.


Searching for a six-pack? Lee can help you find it. With a background in building and bulking rugby professionals Lee will help you make that muscle. But it’s not all about the biceps – Lee also brings expertise is eviscerating fat and cardio conditioning. Remember, strong is the new skinny. So pick your targeted goal and let’s get you there. Your body won’t just be a temple, it will be a fortress.


Times have changed, and so should training. James is one pioneering PT leading the evolution in exercise and injury rehabilitation. We guarantee you won’t find his movements in a fitness magazine or on the internet. This workout promises to be bespoke and tailored to fit your fitness. Choose James for a workout routine that’s far from a routine workout.