Here at Peach we believe in a 360 approach to our clients’ weight loss goals. If you want to build lean muscle and lose fat, our trainers can help you reach your goals in a sustainable, healthy and injury-free way. Our highly educated team can not only help you with aesthetic results in these areas but will ensure you feel amazing and achieve things you never thought possible in the process – all whilst working around the realities of your lifestyle.


Our experienced trainers specialise in optimising your body’s capabilities in the most efficient and safe way possible. Their knowledge of human anatomy goes far beyond the industry standard, so whether it’s strength, speed, endurance or general improvement of muscle tone that you desire, our trainers will ensure you get the results you deserve.


The quality of our pre and post natal training is something we take real pride in here in Peach. We understand how special this time is for mums and the many worries you may have when it comes to activity levels. Our specialists know exactly how to recondition common issues like diastasis recti, hip alignment and fluctuations in weight and hormones. They can also help devise a nutrition plan that looks after the needs of your growing baby, pre birth or via breastfeeding, as well as your own physical goals. Train wherever you feel comfortable, with babies welcome to join.


Whether it’s elite level sports specific training, or a teenager struggling with a long-term health condition, we are likely to have a trainer experienced in that very area.Sports specific and functional training is something we love to be involved in, and the specialists we have on our books cover everything from ultra marathon running to football, racket sports, polo and horse riding, boxing, yoga and even ballroom dancing.If you are in any doubt as to whether we can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.